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  • Meet Jay

    Doctor Jay Horton has been speaking professionally for 35 years to civic organizations, students, athletes, politicians, physicians, churches, to small business owner and CEO’s of large organizations.

    His belief that “You Are More Than You Think You Are” inspires his audience. He is the go-to expert for organizations who are committed to helping people discover their true potential...

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  • LIFE Is HARD But GOD Is GOOD. by L. Jay Horton (Author)

    Don't go to the grave without discovering your potential. You are more than you think you are!

    This book will change your life! Jay motivates, inspires and challenges people to be all they can be for themselves, their family and friends, and their company and organizations.

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  • See Dr. Jay Horton in Action!

    Keep your smile and sense of humor and you will go far...
    Watch as Jay Horton entertains and provides inspirational messages

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