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Life Is Hard But God Is Good

Don’t go to the grave without discovering your potential. You are more than you think you are!

An engaging directory to activated faith filled with practical principles for discovering your potential, Life is Hard but God is Good contains twelve chapters that teach a positive, practical approach to life appropriate for all ages and situations.

Learn how to come out on top in your life with guidance from personal experiences and discovery questions. Filled with inspiring stories and quotes from CEOs, celebrities, and the author’s personal experiences, as well as Discovery Questions following each chapter to provide guidance for personal growth and group study, Horton has provided a format ideal for use by companies, religious groups, health and educational institutions who wish to expand members’ potential. Perfect for anyone facing challenging times, Life is Hard but God is Good will become a valuable part of your personal library.

This book will change your life!

About the author: Through a combination of music, humor and pastoral skills, leadership savvy, excellent speaking ability and an understanding of human nature, Jay motivates, inspires and challenges people to be all they can be for themselves, their family and friends, and their company and organizations.