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      Remember the cruise ship disaster of the Costa Concordia?  It was an Italian cruise ship which partially sank when it ran into a reef at Isola del Giglio, Tuscany on January 13, 2012 with the loss of 32 lives.  Carrying 4,252 people from all over the world, it became one of the largest ships ever to be abandoned.  The incident dominated international media for days.  But the ship wreck that remains cemented in our minds as well as in history is the ill fated trip of Titanic.  The Titanic was carrying 2,223 passengers on board when it sank, and out of those 1,517 died.  It was declared to be unsinkable.

     The fascinating part concerning the story of Titantic relates to the ship’s commander Captain Smith.  He reportedly remained at his post until the ship went down (The captain of Costa Concordia left his ship with passengers in disarray).  Captain Smith did desert his post for a few minutes but that was to plunge into the icy cold water to save a drowning child.  He took the child to one of the lifeboats and swam back to the sinking vessel.  He resumed his position standing calmly on the bridge as the ship went under the waves.

     Not many of us are ever called upon to give our lives in such manner.  But we are called upon to give ourselves, our lives for great and noble causes in our world and community.  Some give little.  Some allow their fear to consume them to such an extent that they forget about the needs of others. Some become so absorbed with their own personnel lives they ignore those around them.  Some give much.  What are you giving yourself or possibly your life for these days?

– Dr. Jay Horton

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