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Jay Horton is one of the most accomplished speakers I have known, having enjoyed his sermons for years at First United Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas.  He is a true weaver of words, has an uncanny knack of arriving at the heart of an issue and making sense out of nonsense.  Jay’s ability as a speaker is unsurpassed.  His kindness and compassion shine brightly and truly accentuate the positive!

Kent R. Hance, Chancellor-Texas Tech University System


Jay Horton explains complex, life-challenging issues in simple, easy-to-understand ways.  His informative and inspiring wisdom motivates people toward insightful discoveries.

Herb Miller, Consultant, Author


Jay Horton is the real thing because he cares about people and has learned how to motivate them into being all they can be.  I have experienced Jay as the minister of a large church, a community leader, business professional and keynote speaker.  Jay Horton has an exceptional gift of being able to connect to everyone in the audience with a message that you really can be more than you think you are.   He delivers a dynamic presentation with a message that truly inspired our group of 110 members. They enjoyed every minute and you will too!

Ted Sullivan, CEO- Trading Company, LLC


The part of the program that meant a lot to me was the encouragement I received.  My overall impression is that Jay Horton is a great speaker with a great presentation style.  I particularly enjoyed his guitar playing.  Good job!!

Richard D. Brady, Attorney


Jay Horton is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to connect with his audience.  His thoughts and ideas are concise and insightful and his presentation is inspiring and humorous and includes sound advice for making positive life changes.

Ben Meador, President/CEO- Meador Staffing Services, Inc.


Get ready to have your people talking about your guest speaker for weeks after having Jay Horton in front of them.  He is truly gifted with an ability to speak and musically perform in almost any setting and to do both really well.

Zeb Alexander, Vice President, Human Resources- Globe Energy Services


Your singing makes me want to get up and dance. I love your voice and your message was equally spirational and positive. Just what we needed!

Sherry Trainer, President/CEO- Pasadena Chamber of Commerce



Jim Davis, Vice President of Sales, Insurance


The best program we have had in years!!

J. Fox, NASA


Jay thanks for an excellent program!  As one who has tried to be a “glass half full” type of guy, I realized after listening to you that I am still, after all these years, a work in progress.  There is still time to get a tighter grip on the reins of my attitude.

John Swartwout, Space Center Rotary Club


What was valuable to me about hearing Jay Horton was his insights on positive thinking.  The overall program and presentation was excellent!

Bill Buchanan, President/GM, KSHN Radio


Outstanding!  One of the better speakers plus entertaining that I have heard in a long time!

Jim Malony, Editor Pasadena Citizen


Jay’s talk was very motivational! I valued his insights on positive thinking because our lives are so invaded with the negative.

Larry Wilson, Attorney


The whole program was valuable for me. I also look forward to hearing him sing Blue Suede Shoes!  Fine job!

 C. Jean Libby, Architect


“The opinions of other people and their destructive comments do not have to become your reality.” What a powerful phrase and presentation from Jay!  His talk was very good and motivational.

Kyle Holmes, Office Manager Braun’s Roofing Inc.


Jay taught us that everyday there is negativity that comes our way and not to listen to it. Very Good!!

Crystal Spillars, Artist


Everything Jay said was great and a message that was needed. Thank you for a great message!!

Deon Parrish, Counselor Pasadena High School


He was great and inspiring!  I realized that “you can be more than you think you are.”

Araceli Solache, Pasadena High School Student


A great message!  The most valuable lesson I will take from Jay is that we are more than we believe ourselves to be.

Amando Rangel,  Pasadena High School student


Jay is always awesome!!  For me the most valuable part of his talk was that you have to have a belief that begins inside yourself…that it can be the power of your life.       

Dan Stell, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones