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Professional Growth Expert

  Success is not dependent on what happens to a person but what happens in a person.

  People cannot travel without until they travel within.

  Change the person and you change the organization.

  Better sales and productivity happen when you have a better you.

  What you believe will determine how you live.


 This is what Jay can do for you:

  • Motivate your employees
  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Grow people to be leaders
  • Effective communication
  • Building dynamic teams
  • Develop a Friendly Culture


What people are saying about Jay…

“Jay’s talk was very motivational!  I valued his insights on positive thinking because our lives are so invaded with the negative.”

Larry Wilson, Attorney

 “A great message for us and our students!”     Deon Parrish, High School Counselor

 “Jay Horton is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to connect with his audience. His thoughts and ideas are concise and insightful and his presentation is inspiring and humorous and includes sound advice for making positive life changes.”

Ben Meador, President/CEO, Meador Staffing Services, Inc.

 “Jay is always awesome!!  The idea that you have to have a belief inside yourself was powerful.”

Dan Stell, Financial Advisor

Topics include:

  • You Are More Than You Think You Are
  • Developing and Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • How To Lift A Heavy Burden
  • Creating a culture of friendliness


Jay has spoken professionally for thirty-three years as a clergy in the pulpit and community leader.

 A few of his venues for speaking engagements have been before the Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, school districts, banquets, graduation exercises and keynote speaker for corporations.

 He is an exceptional guitarist and singer which adds a special dimension of entertainment to his presentations.

For nine years he was senior pastor of the 5000 member First United Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas preaching to a weekly television audience of 500,000 and a weekly radio program that covered West Texas and parts of New Mexico.

He is considered to be one of the top preachers and speakers in America and a contributor of articles for newspaper columns.

His mantra, “You Are More Than You Think You Are” motivates and challenges people to reach their full potential and touches everyone he meets.


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