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Doctor Jay Horton has been speaking professionally for 35 years to a plethora of organizations: youth, university students, athletes, politicians, physicians, companies, churches, the small business owner, CEO’s of large organizations and civic organizations.  He is a versatile player who seeks to touch the needs of people where they are.  His belief that “You Are More Than You Think You Are” inspires his audience to start with the individual.  He is the go-to expert for organizations who are committed to helping people discover their true potential creating a culture of valued relationships that will take them wherever they want to go.

Jay proclaims that you cannot travel on the outside until you have traveled on the inside.  Better productivity happens when you become a better you.  Leaders in different forums turn to Jay when they are searching for inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and productivity. He inspires and motivates individuals to be all they can be thus creating a climate of positive change and transformation which leads to bottom-line results for his clients.

He began his public speaking as a clergy within the church as pastor of some of the largest congregations within the United Methodist Church.  He has given leadership for many church-building campaigns with multimillion dollar operating budgets.  His vast experience with people and organizations has afforded him the great talent for informing people how to become better leaders, communicators, team players, family members, and better friendships by becoming better people.  Until people get their lives together they are not able to get their relationships together. Better people mean achievement of personal goals and business goals.  You are more than you think you are is the beginning of a fresh and exciting journey for you and your organization.

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